Be Fit to Ski

A Complete Guide to Alpine Skiing Fitness


Week 7

Posted on July 7, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Last was pretty busy- as for training sessions, I increased the intensity levels on a couple of days and most definitely felt the consequence. I've changed my forward lunges to diagonal lunges- just enough to use different muscles. On another day I ran halfway up our local ski area, and ran down. The combined effect of these two changes lead me to think about delayed onset of muscle soreness or DOMS. Because that's what I experienced for two days afterward. Perhaps some folks out there have also felt this type of pain. 

So, what is DOMS? This type of muscular soreness occurs a day or two after the training session and is different from muscular fatigue that’s felt during or right after exercise. The cause of DOMS is thought to be from eccentric rather than concentric muscle action. During DOMS there is actual structural damage that occurs to the muscle. When this happens, enzymes flood the area and then issue an APB for help. The pain felt during DOMS may be caused by a subsequent inflammatory response from the injury coming from white blood cells flooding the injury site to repair the damage and help with muscle regeneration. In severe cases, the muscle fiber membrane ruptures, spilling out the cell’s contents. Yikes! This sounds really bad and may be debilitating but the outcome of such microscopic injury is a stronger and bigger muscle because the muscle cells not only repair themselves but also grow bigger and stronger.

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