Be Fit to Ski

A Complete Guide to Alpine Skiing Fitness


Week 1

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 7:40 AM

So the start of the training year has officially begun. In additon to spending time on my bike, I've added some FUNctional strength exercises and took a creative approach to doing sets. I decided that I'd do my individual exercises in a top-down approach. Meaning, I started with upper body, then went to core, and then the legs. The exercises included using the medicine ball for upper body twist, down to plank and plank with punching, then squats and lunges.  One minute AMAP sit-ups (as many as possible) was added to the end of each set. Repeat and rinse 3 x. It was fun! The timed sit-ups will be part of the testing done at the end of the week to get a baseline for the year. And as always, I continue doing PT exercises for my back and hips.

The whole idea of this book is to be able to make intelligent decisions for your own training based on industry standards. That being said, I personally don't like to follow the same routine but I do know that for the next few weeks or so, I need to build up my strength. By staying withing the 50%-60% intensity level small but steady gains will be made without injurying myself.

Chop Chop, time to go!

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