Be Fit to Ski

A Complete Guide to Alpine Skiing Fitness

Be Fit to Ski takes a scholarly approach to getting fit for alpine skiing. This book describes the essential elements of fitness for skiers in three sections:  the physiology of exercise for skiing, specific fitness areas called Performance Abilities: Endurance, Strength, Power, Speed & Agility, and the periodized exercise plans: 52 weeks of fitness recommendations.


For fitness geeks and anyone who wants to be in the ultimate condition for the upcoming season, this is a highly recommended book to add to your skiing book collection.

Thank you for writing this book. It's really made a difference in my off season training and satisfies my inner geek!

Jim, PSIA Instructor 

 I've known about the benefits of periodization but have never been able to put it in practice.Thanks to your book I was in skiing shape on day one, and setting up an in season workout program has kept me there without undo stress on my legs."

Gary, avid Vermont skier

Spring is here and it's time to start!!
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